Food Relationships…They’re Complicated

Our relationship with foodIf only it was easy to stop. To stop overeating and indulging in foods that seem to satisfy us, but in reality are damaging our physical and emotional health.  If it was easy, everyone could reach their health goals and stay there.  The problem lies in our relationship to food. It can be distorted and deceptive and change over time.  The way back to health is to recognize the flaws in that relationship and learn how to address them. That’s why I try to give my clients lifelong tools that help them recognize their behaviors and reprogram their relationship with food, and themselves.  This is not just a mental battle or a simple matter of will power.  It has physical, emotional, and spiritual components that need to be addressed as well.  But it can be done.  Remember, the bigger the battle greater the victory!

One of the tools I use is a series of daily reflections I’ve written to help my clients (and myself!) maintain awareness.  These short reflections provide practical insights and encouragement for making good decisions, one day at a time.  I wanted to share one of them with you today:

Breaking the Cycle

Today is a new day.  A chance to step onto a new path.  The path to freedom, one day at a time.  Freedom from shame guilt and anger that I carry throughout the day when I have eaten too much because I thought food would comfort me in some way, and the self-loathing I feel because I was fooled again. Freedom from the extra weight I carry as a result of my compulsion to use food as comfort.

Today I get to choose the cycle I will live in:

Cycle #1 – Compulsive Overeating

  • Uncomfortable or painful feelings
  • Overeating to feel better
  • Temporary anesthesia (if any)
  • Physical consequences low energy, discomfort, bloating, weight gain
  • Regret, shame, anger, guilt, self loathing

“My dishonor is continually before me, and the shame of my face has covered me, because of the voice of him who reproaches and reviles, because of the enemy and the avenger” —Psalm 44 15-16

Cycle #2 – Recovery from Compulsive Overeating

  • Abstinence from binge foods/ three planned, nutritious meals a day
  • Negative feelings are processed through journaling, reaching out to someone, prayer and meditation
  • Mindfulness of compulsive overeating issue throughout the day so Cycle #1 is not repeated
  • Physical and mental energy
  • Long-term, sustained weight loss
  • Serenity, wholeness, optimism
  • The ability to act on life rather than react to it!

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and he inclined to me, and heard my cry. He brought me out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps!” —Psalm 40: 1-2

“Food as an anesthetic has the shortest life span of all addictive substances.” – Unknown

If you want more of these reflections, or if I can be helpful in any way, please feel free to contact me.

2 Responses to “Food Relationships…They’re Complicated

  • You only addressed the good parts of being abstinent and not the hard parts, what a person if up against when they don’t eat over things. Can you point me to one of your posts that addresses the hard parts? This is the first post I’ve read of yours.

    • Sure! Read BED Problems and When The Honeymoon is Over. I hope it helps!

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