Health Coaching


What can you expect when you decide that you are ready to get started? Here are your options:

HOURLY SESSIONS (Phone, Facetime or Skype)

A perfect option if you’re just looking for a help in specific areas, such as:

  • Assessment of your current diet and recommendations for changes to better meet your health goals
  • Help creating personalized meal plans for your specific health goals (weight loss, more energy, etc.)
  • Nutritional education and information you can use in your meal planning and choices at the grocery store
  • Suggestion on how you can control cravings and better manage your food intake
  • Simple and manageable ways to “eat clean”
  • General questions you have about nutrition, health and wellness


The monthly program is designed for those who want help, accountability and guidance making lasting, long-term nutrition and fitness behavior changes to achieve their health goals. The monthly program offers the ongoing support you need to be successful, including:

  • Review of health history, current diet, food behaviors and lifestyle
  • Two 60-minute personal coaching sessions or four 30-minute sessions via phone, Facetime or Skype
  • Unlimited email correspondence
  • Personalized meal plans, recipe recommendations, grocery store lists and restaurant menu suggestions
  • Ongoing education in the areas of nutrition and physical fitness
  • Support for food issues (emotional eating, eating disorders, food addiction, body image, etc)
  • Accountability partner and problem-solving
  • Empowerment to transition into “real-world” and do it on your own!


Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes! I would love to help you experience the freedom and victory that comes from achieving health goals and feeling your best. You are worth the effort and you will be amazed at what you can do once you set your mind to it! And all you need to do is take one small step at a time. So if you feel this might be the right thing for you, email me. I can help!