The Magic Pill

There is a woman in my Senior Spin class that is battling leukemia. Today she came in and made sure she got a bike by the door so she could leave if her nausea got worse because she just had chemo treatment. She comes to class religiously no matter what she feels like because she knows how exercise reacts in the body when you are sick (boosts the immune system), something her oncologist confirmed. He even started spin classes himself because he has seen such great results and how much it has helped her fight her battle for the past six years!

There is also a gentleman with Stage 4 Parkinson’s that I have watched this past year go from a sitting/slow pedaling position to sprinting, standing and climbing. His neurologist said to keep doing what he is doing. Since he started more intense exercise (not just walking) he has improved and slowed the progression of his disease. And research has shown that exercise is vital to maintaining balance and mobility for those with the disease.

A couple of months ago one of my “regulars” was suffering from a tick-borne illness that was affecting his muscles and he was also in extreme fatigue. But he came to class through it all, doing what he could and although he was exhausted at the end of class the physical activity made him feel better. He is now over it and back to killing it again!

I am also in awe of the discipline and dedication of the regulars in my non-senior classes (especially the 5:30 am people!) They have made it a lifestyle, which has reduced their susceptibility to anxiety, depression, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke, and the list goes on and on! But the seniors I mentioned above have had the best excuses in the world not to exercise. But they choose not to use them because of the benefits of the “magic pill” that is physical activity.

Exercise is cheap, it is invigorating, it is a privilege and it should be celebrated, not dreaded. God gave us ONE body. We should be moving it every day like our ancestors did. We were designed to MOVE, not to sit all day. As a matter of fact, based on our ancestry, we are basically endurance athletes!

You don’t have to do anything crazy to gain the great benefits exercise has to offer. Just walk. Listen to a podcast or your favorite music. If you are new to it or haven’t done it in a while, set yourself up for success and do what you love. It should be eased into. The worst thing you can do is jump into something and then hurt yourself or hate it and give up! Some people love the lung-burning endorphin-fueled workouts, and others do better with a quiet, meditative walk around the neighborhood. Others are somewhere in between. Treat yourself to what you love to do the most! Faster then you might expect you will begin to notice definite improvements in energy, mental state, self-confidence, body weight (if your nutrition is good) better sleep, and productivity! What pharmaceutical or supplement can do all that??

If this article can help even one person with a significant, positive life change, it is worth everything to me! No excuses! Let’s rock!

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